Boulder has Bolder Squirrels!

Pearl Street is the place to see in Boulder.  It is a plaza of sorts in between the old buildings with lots of shops of all kinds.  We went near there to Rebecca’s Apothecary.  I was looking for some aromatherapy to take the edge off after four days of driving.  They had just the thing!  Then we went to Pearl Street for Pizza.  While there was seating inside, it was way too nice a day to be inside.  The plaza had benches everywhere, so we found a spot.

We happened to be near a grassy place where two guys were sitting under a tree.  There was something very interesting going on.  A squirrel kept going towards the one guy’s guitar and when the guy would begin to pick it up in an effort to scare the squirrel away, this squirrel wasn’t running away like the squirrels in Pennsylvania would.  I asked, in my trying to be funny always way, “Do squirrels around here like to play guitar?”  I didn’t notice that the other guy was eating.  They told me that squirrels will bite your hand to get your food.  Ultimately, they threw food a distance away to get it away from them.  Even then, the squirrel hesitated, obviously preferring being hand-fed.

As I told someone else the story, they told me a story of having a backpack right beside them with a large muffin tucked inside.  The pack was unzipped and a squirrel approached, made eye contact as if to say, “I’m going for it!”  The squirrel went into the pack, grabbed the muffin, and made eye contact again as he was leaving as if to say, “Thanks!”

I don’t know who trained who around here, but these bold squirrels never have to hibernate.  They must be the happiest squirrels in the world!

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Smiling in St Louis: )

When I spoke to my upcoming host, generally you call ahead to let them know what time you will arrive, it was obvious we would become fast friends.   We arrived when she was already preparing dinner, a very nice welcome!  Definitely the best I have eaten on the trip so far.  Best thing about it, all vegies!    I really should eat like this every day, one of those things to start tomorrow.

We went to an Improv club where she was performing that evening and I had a great time laughing.  Then, she gave me a little tour of that area which had an abundance of art and antiques.  She would have loved for us to stay longer so she could show us around.  I will have to schedule more time there next trip.

I woke up aware that I had a lot of dreams the night before and while I couldn’t remember any of them, the first thing I said is, “I must go to Garden of the Gods.”  It is a little out of the way, but not far enough to deter the decision.  I did happen to see a picture of it somewhere last week, and thought it was a shame I wouldn’t see it this trip.  It has been almost 20 years since it was in my back yard, I cannot believe how time flies!  Dillon bulks, but he hasn’t seen any of CO yet.

I love CO so much, I am looking at a school in Boulder for a Master Program in Art Therapy.  I will also look in Santa Fe,  Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.  I already looked at a program near San Francisco.  I make applications in the Fall.  Going back to school is one of the most significant decisions that I made following my trip West in 2010.  One of the best decisions I have made!  It has definitely contributed to my life’s transformation.

On to Kansas, Boulder, Grand Junction, Vegas then LA!  Smiling all the way!

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A New World!

Traveling gives me the opportunity to experience a new world, new surroundings, new people, time travel!  Columbus isn’t a big city, so it isn’t extremely exciting.  It is very flat here, so I don’t have a good pic of the sunset.  But I have met some interesting people through couch-surfing and look forward to coming back and have found enough that is interesting, I would like to plan a day here in the future.

My couch surfing host happened to be an artist, “with a small a,” she said.  And she knew other artists, so her home was like a gallery.  The screen door which greeted us hardly looked like an entrance.  You could tell there was a door behind it, but it was lace.  It was so beautiful and said, “I am soft and tranquil.”

Room after room was filled with batik drapes covering windows, appliances and bookshelves.  Mobiles hung from the ceilings, tapestries, paintings and collages covered the walls and small pastel pieces of graphic pottery were all about.  There were also knitted or crocheted covers on a variety of things including jars on the kitchen counter which appeared to serve as canisters.

My son was nervous about couch surfing and wanted to sleep in the car, but I think it didn’t take him long to feel safe here.  A kitten lived in my room and slept in my bed: )  I always enjoy when I don’t have to sleep alone! But, saving the best for last – this was my favorite thing in her house…

I want one of these in my house!

I don’t swing like this as an adult too often, but when I do, it feels so good!

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Artventure Across the Country Again!

Today I leave for the West coast.  I thought my artventure began with my trip to California in 2010.  But, what I have discovered is that it began in 1963, the year I was born.  I have been the artist of my life all this time.  I didn’t realize the ability that we all have to make our life what we want it to be.

There was a sense of that for a time when I went to art school after high school.  After that, I would say that there have been long periods of time that I felt controlled by circumstances, especially during the time that I had five children at home.  Unfortunately, during that time, following a divorce and cancer, I began to say “I can’t!”  It didn’t matter what it was that I couldn’t do, I had a list of excuses.  Kids, health, money, time, these are excuses we all use and they can even be valid.

I am thankful to my daughter who introduced me to the movie “The Secret” and to friends I have met through synchronicities that have helped me to grow beyond “I can’t” and back into “I can.”  It doesn’t always happen when I want and sometimes the result isn’t exactly what I thought it should be.  But then sometimes it is even better!  The point is that I notice more and more how my words and thoughts affect what happens in my life.  If I decide to make more money easily while working from home, it can happen and in ways that I don’t expect.

There have been times that I have wanted change and didn’t know how to create it or was afraid to take the steps toward the change.  Sometimes something totally unexpected created the change for me.  I am gaining the courage and the confidence to say, “This is what I want and this is what I don’t want.”  Sometimes deciding is the hardest part and yet you cannot have what you want if you cannot define it or if you are doing something contrary to what you really want.

So, I want to encourage you, as I leave for a trip in a 1998 car with almost 160,000 miles on it, to dare to dream and to surpass your fears.  When I return, I have to build up new income quickly.  I relax in a knowing that it will all work out.   I have already started.  I am a full time student with one more year to attain my Bachelor degree and was unable to get my loan for living expenses this year.  I could be scared, but I am confident and hopeful.  Maybe because of what I have been through, much more difficult times than this.  I made it through and was able to keep my home.  I am not only a survivor, I am innovative, motivated and I am dreaming again!

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Time Travel

I began to write this poem anticipating a poetry class while I was flying home after driving to San Francisco with my oldest daughter who was moving in with her boyfriend.  I modified it for a class and read it at an art opening featuring time pieces and just modified it again following an experience I had this past weekend, keeping my commitment to have fun and conquer all of my fears!

Time Travel

As I have traveled through time

On the back of a Harley

Going 100 MPH

In my car for hours, days and nights

From one ocean

Across plains, through mountains

To the next

Over the Pacific in a plane

To the Isles of Hawaii

And over the Atlantic in the air

To see the garden of the Queen

Then off to castles hidden in the deep woods of Germany

And always, sadly, back home

I must have been a gypsy in another life

I imagine

Even though I haven’t been through every time zone

My soul has

On this planet

And many others

Throughout the galaxies

Throughout time

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My Artventures and Education Continues!

I just discovered this FREE telesummit that runs through Nov 11 (replays are still up!). It looks amazing and I thought you’d like to know about it!

You should check it out now!

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MERK chameleon


So, I bet you think you know what a Chameleon is, but this is a chameleon like I haven’t seen before. A club where the 22 year old who rents a room in my house is singing tonight with a band named MERK. He is a very good singer and the band is great, for a heavy metal band. It is not my favorite genre, but I am one of those people who supports friends even when it means standing in a line in the rain on a side street in Lancaster. My life a series of BIG artventures!

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