North Jersey and the Snow Storm

My Artventure today began in North Jersey, near New York City. I love New York and enjoy coming along when my fiancé has work there. We left central PA last night to come since there was a threat of snow this morning. Yesterday it was projected to be light in NYC.

Maybe the blocked road on the normal route we would take to NYC was a sign.

Our original plan was to leave around 6p after rush hour traffic. Then, Paul thought we could get to New York early and be in a hotel and well rested in the morning. I noticed there was a nice long red line on the GPS near Hamburg so we stopped before we were out of the Harrisburg area and had dinner to wait for it to die down, but it didn’t. We had to back track and go a completely different way.

It was 11 o’clock til we got to the hotel and after midnight til we were ready to sleep. Even on the 5th floor of the hotel, it sounded like trucks might come right through the window. Paul was having trouble sleeping and so was I.

When snow or rain storms are coming in, I tend to be even more sleepy than usual. I had great difficulty getting out of bed. We made a plan to move the car to a garage near a train into NY and we would meet there later.


Paul left much earlier than I and he changed his plans when he heard the snow storm was now projected to be worse than we originally thought. Now we were meeting at the train station at 2p, so I didn’t go into town. Instead, I took a leisurely drive down the coast through Weehawken, Hoboken, and Jersey City, taking pictures of the New York City Skyline before meeting him at the train station. The snow started, the skyline became cloud covered and it was time for me to head inland all about the same time.


This snow was coming down hard and fast and our plans to drive to Mt Laurel to spend the day in Philly tomorrow quickly changed. We were trying to get on the NJ Turnpike South and were having so much trouble accomplishing that, we went the opposite direction and stopped at a Hilton to grab a bite and regroup.

They were full and we made a reservation less than a mile away. With the weather as it was, our GPS said it would take 7 minutes to get there. The mistake we made was going to the bathroom before we left. By the time we did that, there was an accident that blocked the only route out of the hotel and it would have taken us an hour to get less than a mile. It made sense just to relax at Starbucks in the hotel.

Four hours later, five hours then 6 hours, the hotel lobby, bar, restaurant and Starbucks were jam packed with people. Our hotel room – empty. It would have been so nice to spend the afternoon catching up on our sleep in a comfortable bed. It would be so nice now, after 10p to be in a bed sleeping.

Finally, after 11p, people were clearing out. The traffic had begun to move and everyone was leaving. This meant we could leave too:) We met some people, we shared granola bars and we had some good conversation. It would have been much worse if we had been stuck in our car on the highway! I am thankful and everyone was thankful.

Interestingly enough, the next morning, I saw a rainbow.rainbow1


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An artist on a BIG Artventure. I always have been on one, it just took me a while to figure that out.
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