Change of Plans in Philadelphia

Mural on Broad Street

Friday, July 2 plan – go to Philadelphia with my friend and her son to check out some galleries in the city, then pick up other son and friend at the airport 10pm.

1st plan change – she get’s a job that she has to work, so I’ll go to Philadelphia, find galleries participating in First Friday, then pick up boys at airport 11pm.

2nd plan change – I couldn’t find my map from last trip and left thinking I can find a little coffee shop when I get there and look online for info. I take my laptop with me everywhere. I could find my way to Manayunk and head into town from there.

Off Broad Street

3rd plan change – I get there and cannot find my computer. Fearing somehow it may have been stolen from car, I call the gallery to find out that I left without it. I don’t know if anybody else has this problem, but I get so many interruptions sometimes that I don’t know what I have and haven’t done without double checking. I was feeling like I just had to get out of town so I bolted first chance and didn’t do the double check. I’m relaxed and this is no problem. I wander around Broad Street taking pics, enjoying the scenery.

4th plan change – I explore and take pics til dark, then head to the waterfront for dinner. That’s when I got the call. The plane won’t be in until 1:30am. “No worries”. That’s what they say in the islands where the boys have been. I eat slowly, mmm- oysters on the half shell and a selection of delicious soups. Eating lite will help me to stay awake. Drink quite a few caffeine drinks and a white Russian hoping the coffee liquor also has caffeine, write and hang by the water for a couple hours. There is no place else a Pisces would rather be. Head to the airport with enough time to take a nap before they arrive. They arrive on time even if it is later that the original plan and I drop them off and get home by 4am. If I can get up by 7am, I’ll head to Brooklyn by 8am. If not, it’ll be 9am. I’m not driving for that trip:)

Either way, I’m enjoying myself.

If you are reading this again, it originally occurred on July 2, 2011. But I created it as a page somehow in my novice state and now am changing it to a blog post so I can categorize it and get it off my header menu. I enjoy re-reading my posts, so maybe you will too. I also recently learned more about tagging so maybe you have come across this since it is now tagged. My blog posts also get publicized to FB, etc, so either way…enjoy!

Round the Corner


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