I picked up aromatherapy in Boulder.  What is aromatherapy?  It is a tincture, a liquid spray of a combination of herbs, which have some purpose and you can get them for anything under the sun.  Boulder is a place well known for healthy living and natural alternatives.  I asked someone where I could get essential oils and they recommended Rebecca’s Apothecary.  So, I went there with Dillon, who was not happy about the drive and the only thing he wanted to do was drive all the rest of the way without sleeping.  Of course, he can’t drive!

So, I go into this store and Dillon finds a seat where he can play games on my iphone and I go to the other side of the store to discretely talk to the clerk.  I tell her I need something for a fifteen year old who is extremely irritated by four days of  driving from Pennsylvania and we have three more to go to get to Los Angeles.  She has just the thing!  She offers me three choices and I take two of them.  She offers small bottles, but I take the big ones.

Dillon is rarely agreeable to the natural alternatives I offer, so when we get in the car, I spray myself all over.  He, of course, complains of the smell.  And while he doesn’t enjoy the scenery in Colorado the way that I do, he isn’t quite as irritated.  Even when he is, I am immune.  I believe this stuff works: )

We stay in Grand Junction, which is beautiful.  Surrounded by colorful mountains, in the middle of nowhere, I don’t know what people do that live there, there isn’t enough time to talk to our hosts.  We arrive late and they leave early for work.

Most of our drive today is through Utah.  I am using the spray on myself and whenever Dillon is out of the car, I am spraying his seat.  I am trusting that it will be a long time before he has any interest in reading my blog about this trip.  While my older kids think I am somewhat cool, he doesn’t.  I am just mom and he is stuck with me.

Today, there is a huge turn around in Dillon’s attitude.  He loves the drive through Utah.  I had told him time and time again that when Pierce and I drove through Utah it was dark and I knew that we missed something and I would not drive through it in the dark again.  Having longer days during this trip is nice also.  It was fall when Pierce and I were traveling.

Dillon surprised me when he became excited about Utah, he wanted to stop at every pull-off.  They called them view points.  He even took my camera and walked as far as he could before the dessert heat forced him back to the car for some water.  I am not sure that I have ever seen him this excited about anything besides his xbox or a new game.  He wants to move to Utah and will most likely have to wait until he is an adult for that.  His interest was so strong, he was even looking things up online.  Near one viewpoint was a sign for a town called Moore.  He wondered who might live there, in the middle of nowhere.  I guessed twelve people.  The answer was five, but back in 1930 there were 130 residents.  Maybe on another roadtrip we will stop and see it.

When we arrive in Vegas, our host has a young son and I think this adds to Dillon’s comfort level.  He shares this was one of his favorite places to stay.  But, even though he enjoyed the day, he still doesn’t want to drive home.  He would like to get on an airplane and fly home.  It would be faster, but not as scenic.  I will go through Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff and Santa Fe on the way home.  He has no idea what he would miss.  Not that he has any options.  I am confident that the aromatherapy spray will help with the trip home as well!


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