Phinally, some Phab Photos!

Having lived in Pennsylvania so long, I have grown used to the landscape.  It doesn’t excite me much even though it may be beautiful.  Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas weren’t a lot different or weren’t terribly exciting to me.  But today – driving through Colorado – I just love it!

It looks like a profile to me!

A lovely drive through Garden of the Gods

Up to now, I took pics just because that is what I do.  I have taken pics of clouds, towers, farms, phallic things, trees, bridges , tunnels and architecture, but there is something about the Rocky Mountains that just takes my breath away, time and time again.

When I woke up in St Louis, I decided that I had to go to Garden of the Gods.  So I spent the first couple hours of the day reminiscing.  I lived in Colorado Springs back in 1995 and went to GoG frequently.  I hated leaving and planned to return.  Almost 20 years later, I have now driven through it briefly.  Much of it was unrecognizable to me.

I went by the house we built, the rock Pierce climbed on pretending he was the Lion King, and through Garden of the Gods despite Dillon protesting.  All he wants to do is get to CA.  I am much more about the drive.  Meeting people through couch surfing and seeing things I have never seen before.  I also don’t want to drive when it is dark and I can’t see the landscape.  I missed much of Utah last time.

If you have read my time travel poem , you know I have decided that I must have been a gypsy in another life.  When I arrived at the home of my Grand Junction host, who was fabulously gracious by accommodating me last minute, there was someone in the parking lot working on a small trailer like I saw on Top Gear once.  It looks like something I may have to consider, as I continue to travel back and forth across the country, if for nothing else than hauling stuff.  Too many more times and I will have to consider a van or small RV even.  As I saw people in Boulder and the small CO mountain towns we passed through today with their back packs, I imagined myself with a portable easel and canvas, moving from place to place painting some of the scenes that I have photographed, but on the scene.  How much more fun it would be to paint live than from a photo.  At least I have seen the sights in person!

So, there’s a thought.  That’s how all things begin, with a thought.  Like the book I will have completed next month.  It will be filled with thoughts, reflections of learning experiences, photos, stories, poems and a few illustrations by yours truly.

I am emptying my camera cards before I go to bed and charging up my camera batteries.  I anticipate another great day for photos tomorrow.  Tomorrow night we sleep in Vegas, or don’t sleep: )


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