Boulder has Bolder Squirrels!

Pearl Street is the place to see in Boulder.  It is a plaza of sorts in between the old buildings with lots of shops of all kinds.  We went near there to Rebecca’s Apothecary.  I was looking for some aromatherapy to take the edge off after four days of driving.  They had just the thing!  Then we went to Pearl Street for Pizza.  While there was seating inside, it was way too nice a day to be inside.  The plaza had benches everywhere, so we found a spot.

We happened to be near a grassy place where two guys were sitting under a tree.  There was something very interesting going on.  A squirrel kept going towards the one guy’s guitar and when the guy would begin to pick it up in an effort to scare the squirrel away, this squirrel wasn’t running away like the squirrels in Pennsylvania would.  I asked, in my trying to be funny always way, “Do squirrels around here like to play guitar?”  I didn’t notice that the other guy was eating.  They told me that squirrels will bite your hand to get your food.  Ultimately, they threw food a distance away to get it away from them.  Even then, the squirrel hesitated, obviously preferring being hand-fed.

As I told someone else the story, they told me a story of having a backpack right beside them with a large muffin tucked inside.  The pack was unzipped and a squirrel approached, made eye contact as if to say, “I’m going for it!”  The squirrel went into the pack, grabbed the muffin, and made eye contact again as he was leaving as if to say, “Thanks!”

I don’t know who trained who around here, but these bold squirrels never have to hibernate.  They must be the happiest squirrels in the world!


About bigartventure

An artist on a BIG Artventure. I always have been on one, it just took me a while to figure that out.
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