A New World!

Traveling gives me the opportunity to experience a new world, new surroundings, new people, time travel!  Columbus isn’t a big city, so it isn’t extremely exciting.  It is very flat here, so I don’t have a good pic of the sunset.  But I have met some interesting people through couch-surfing and look forward to coming back and have found enough that is interesting, I would like to plan a day here in the future.

My couch surfing host happened to be an artist, “with a small a,” she said.  And she knew other artists, so her home was like a gallery.  The screen door which greeted us hardly looked like an entrance.  You could tell there was a door behind it, but it was lace.  It was so beautiful and said, “I am soft and tranquil.”

Room after room was filled with batik drapes covering windows, appliances and bookshelves.  Mobiles hung from the ceilings, tapestries, paintings and collages covered the walls and small pastel pieces of graphic pottery were all about.  There were also knitted or crocheted covers on a variety of things including jars on the kitchen counter which appeared to serve as canisters.

My son was nervous about couch surfing and wanted to sleep in the car, but I think it didn’t take him long to feel safe here.  A kitten lived in my room and slept in my bed: )  I always enjoy when I don’t have to sleep alone! But, saving the best for last – this was my favorite thing in her house…

I want one of these in my house!

I don’t swing like this as an adult too often, but when I do, it feels so good!


About bigartventure

An artist on a BIG Artventure. I always have been on one, it just took me a while to figure that out.
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