Jerome and Sedona

We were finally able to go to Sedona.  My friend’s sister said that we had to go through Jerome on the way, so we did.  The back country roads in the west are so much more spectacular than in the East, at least from my point of view since I have spent most of my life in the East.  It feels different.  There is a freedom and a question that continues to arise in my mind.  “Who says the earth is overcrowded?”  Nobody lives here! 

   We went up a winding road and our first stop in Jerome was a big old school that had been converted into artist studios.  The first studio we visited belonged to Robin Anderson and his wife Marguerite.  He was out painting somewhere and she was minding the studio which was 25,000 square feet of paintings, pottery, stained glass done by another artist and it was a great place to explore.  We could have stayed in Jerome the entire day!  When we were getting ready to leave, my friend offered the women a hug.  When the woman hugged her, she asked my friend if she knew anybody named so and so.  I don’t remember the name, but my friend knew someone with a name close to it and asked the woman if she was intuitive.  She answered “yes” and offered a reading.  My friend was very excited and encouraged by the woman’s words.  She held a ring of mine and also told me some interesting things.  It was different than the palm reader in Santa Monica who didn’t really tell me anything that I didn’t already know, but verified that I was headed in the right direction and encouraged me to be even more creative as if I needed that kind of encouragement.  She said things about the important book I had to write (not this one) and people’s names and a vision of my surroundings in the future.  It was quite interesting.  I will watch for signs, but more likely will know it when I see it, but wouldn’t expect to be able to find it if I looked for it.  

     The main area of Jerome had a number of galleries and shops and was nestled on a hillside  overlooking a beautifully colorful mountain range.  On the day we were there, I could have just sat on the hillside looking at it, preferably painting it, all day.  It was a magnificent scene the folks living there probably take for granted.   There was more we could have seen, but we had to get to Sedona.  We enjoyed yet another beautiful drive.

     If Colorado, Utah, the Grand Canyon, the Coastal Highway, Mesa, Apache Junction and Jerome weren’t magnificent enough, Sedona certainly was.  Approaching the red rock formations I had a feeling of being protected.  They promote areas they call vortexes, these are areas where there is supposed to be spiritual energy that flows through multiple dimensions .  When I passed through in the late 70’s, my parents said it was a one block town.  Now, it was highly developed and yet still looked natural, as in many areas of Arizona, the homes are designed to blend into the surroundings.  We stopped at the visitor’s center to find out where the vortexes were.  We didn’t think we had much time before sunset, so we picked the one that was said to be the strongest.  There was actually a chapel built there.     We stayed there taking pictures for at least an hour.  We drained all my camera batteries that day and ended the day taking pictures with my iphone.  It didn’t matter, I have gotten some great photos with my iphone.  There was an interesting effect that I didn’t remember seeing on any of my photos the rest of the trip.  We thought it may have had something to do with the energy there.  It may have, but after looking through my pictures again, I did see it on some other photos from Malibu, CA and Boulder, CO and I can attest to the great energy in those areas also.  I have to take some time to look at my file names to see if all the photos with that effect were taken on the iphone.  Maybe it was an angle of the sun that caused it.

     We had a great time seeing figures in the rocks and hanging out at the vortex watching the sunset.  I cannot say that I could feel the energy in an obvious way.  But, I did not want to leave.  I would like to go back again and spend an entire day hiking around each vortex.  The sunset was incredible.  The art in the area was incredibly unique as well.  One gallery owner told us that things were just beginning to pick up again after their perfect storm of road construction keeping Sedona less than easily accessible and the economy with high gas prices keeping people from traveling anywhere.  We left shortly after sunset to get back to a Halloween party.  This may very well have been my favorite day of the trip!

Hoodoos in Sedona


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