Las Vegas was also a little harder to find a couch to surf.  Not because it was a weekend, but because it is such a popular destination.  We got lucky because we asked someone on who will not say “NO” to anybody who wants to surf his couch.  If I was younger and my son was older, we could have had a lot more fun since he knew all the hot spots and good deals. 

We arrived first in Las Vegas to the home of a man around 30 years old.  He lived in a gated community and his sofas were comfy.  He had just picked up another guest at the airport who was from Venezuela.  He brought out a cot for her to sleep on.  We heard there were 2 more guests from Germany arriving later and decided to take a nap before too much excitement began.  But, does this sound like Vegas outta be!

Our host and his other guests went off to the bar that was serving free Vodka drinks from 6-9pm, then off to the strip club that was serving free Sushi 9pm to midnight.  I might have experienced my first strip club for free Sushi!  But, I would not have left my son alone to fend for himself even though we felt very safe couchsurfing, despite all of our family and friends’ concerns.

It was definitely new and different, but I am looking forward to not only surfing again, but opening my home to couchsurfers.  We spent 2 nights in Vegas just to recover from all the driving to the Grand Canyon.  I didn’t have any interest in gambling, just art.  Vegas is much larger than when I had been there 30 years ago.  No surprise except when you come from an area that hasn’t changed much most of your life, it is an eye-opener.

So, our full day in Vegas was spent looking for skateboard parks.  They had more options than Pierce was able to skate in one day, but he did get to try out 2 of them.  I ran him to a skate park, went to find the galleries (really just one small section is all I had time to visit), had lunch at a Mexican restaurant, picked up lunch for him and took him to a second skate park and went back to the gallery area for their preview night.  The night before their popular Friday night event when everyone would be open and the galleries would be overflowing with people.  They were happy to get over 5000 people to their Friday night event and enjoyed themselves even though I was told that the art economy in Vegas wasn’t so great.  I was surprised since it was a vacation destination.  But, alas, people don’t go to Vegas for the art.  At least not the fine art.

One artist that I spoke to was also a graphic designer and that helped him to keep up with his bills.  He was lucky, many graphic designers working for casinos in Vegas have been laid off.  Another traveled the Midwest art show circuit and did very well.  I was surprised to hear about this since the artists back east who were going to shows in the east had lots of complaints of the shows not being well attended and sales weren’t good. 

Now, keep in mind that I didn’t spend a lot of time in any one place during this trip, so if you have a different perspective, I am happy to hear your comments, because I don’t feel that my observations are in any way complete.  But, I don’t think I’d move to Vegas to live and work out of the same location as an artist.  That is the goal I am looking for a place to fulfill.  Maybe I have my head in the clouds.  I did here in Vegas!  I liked the clouds here!


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