Destination Philadelphia

On Tuesday, June 22, the second day of summer, I was supposed to be taking my oldest son, my 2nd child, to Los Angeles, CA to start his college career at FIDM.  This is a proud mom who has always been an artist, even when not practicing, taking her son to an art school.  One I would love to be going to myself.  They do have a jewelry program.:)

So, as teenagers go, 2 weeks before we were planning to leave, he asks if he can wait to go until the fall.  Some other circumstances made this a good idea at the time, but a huge disappointment.

I made up for it by traveling to Philadelphia that day via the Main Line.  I don’t know the history of the Main Line, but I am imagining that was the way to Philadelphia prior to the Turnpike.  I was looking for art!  I didn’t look too hard in Lancaster since I can go there any day. 

The first art that caught my eye was a building in Paoli.

It has an old, but new look.  And can you see the angel on the corner, a very interesting element.  I drove around the side and the back to see all kinds of surprising little details. (until further study, I am having trouble getting more photos onto this blog the way that I want them, so I’ll put the photos up in a gallery on facebook if you’d like to see the details there.  I sent an email to the architect whose signs were in the yard and I think his office was in the building, but I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t stop in.  I haven’t heard from him.

Just past this building there was a frame shop/gallery which was a nice little spot.  Sadly, they shared, they had a larger gallery space next door that they had to close about 4 years ago.  The good news, they are still in business and featuring some local artists. 

Not too far down the line, there were more galleries.  One in an old train station building where people still catch trains.  One, whose focus was on non-living painters and ornate frames.  They restored paintings and frames and had custom carved frames.  Their building was interesting, too.  I love architecture but don’t necessarily have the education to know what it is, so I can’t explain it.  When I have some time, I will study it.  Or, maybe one of my kids will become an architect and I’ll learn from them.  It was in this area where there were several murals that were historic in nature.  I didn’t necessarily like the theme of the murals, but they definitely added interest to the area.

I stopped at my favorite restaurant chain for lunch, just to relax and reflect and later at a coffee shop.  It was a chain I have never heard of, but they had a mural and it was about to storm, so I didn’t want to be driving in the rain.  The storm passed over and only rained lightly.  But there was artwork throughout the coffee shop, so it added to the artventure.  And, we can add them to our list for a potential place to show work. 

As I got closer to Philadelphia, I stopped in a framing chain expecting not to find much, but was nicely surprised to find very unique frames including leather and molded acrylic.  This gallery also invited me to leave brochures for our collective and to refer artists to them for potential display.  They participate in Philadelphia’s first Friday which I will visit tonight. 

By the time I arrived in Philadelphia, it was 7pm and the kids were beginning to call and wonder when I would be home.  I took some time to drive the first Friday map to attempt to locate the galleries on the map.  It was hard because I didn’t know exactly where I was going, but I made several stops to take pics of murals.

And, the trip was what the doctor ordered.  Only problem was that I had to come back too soon.  I feel like I should be heading further west.  I get to practice more patience!

Saturday, I’ll be in Brooklyn with one of MAAC’s artist members who will have artwork in a gallery there.  Just can’t wait!


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An artist on a BIG Artventure. I always have been on one, it just took me a while to figure that out.
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